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A Perfect Fit

Numbering System

The GMS numbering system is shown in each section of the catalog.The necessary information required to ensure that you receive the right product each and every time is shown. In creating our numbering system we have attempted to make the numbering system as descriptive and intuitive as possible. All the information such as product type, length, keyway, finish, cam and keying requirements can easily be built into the product number of the product you desire.


GMS offers a wide array of keying options. Cylinders are usually stocked keyed alike in pairs. We also offer keyed random and zero bitted cylinders in a wide array of products. Please note that our zero bitted cylinders are actually cut to a 1 bit or 2 bit depending on keyway. The cylinders are packaged with uncut keys to be used when pinning the cylinder. GMS also offers Master Keying, Grand Master Keying, Construction Keying and numerous other options. Please contact us for details.


GMS cylinders are designed, engineered and manufactured to OEM specifications. This is something we do not compromise on. As a result you can have the utmost confidence that when keying into a system you will maintain the integrity of the system. Our cylinders will have the exact depth and spacing as originals at a fraction of the cost.